12 reasons to contact our helplines

Our online stores are open 24/7 every day of the year (you can even order from us on a bank holiday!). However, did you know that our helplines, manned by a friendly team of roofing, drainage and insulation experts, are also available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm? If you’ve never called us before, here are 12 very good reasons why you should:

1) Advice on the right products for your project

Want to improve the thermal performance of a property without compromising on design? Got a customer who wants a red roof with eco-friendly tiles on a budget? We will recommend the best products for your project.

2) Advice on quantities and additional products for best results

If you know the product(s) you want to purchase but are unclear how much you need, call us. We’ll help calculate exact quantities and can advise on any extras to consider. This saves you time and has even saved money for some of our customers.

3) Request a product sample

Whether it is the look of a tile, a guttering colour-match or the feel of an insulation product, sometimes you need more than a photograph. Order samples (where available) via our friendly team.

4) Help plan your delivery

If your needs are specific, call our helpline and we will work with you to meet those delivery requirements wherever possible.

5) Super-fast responses

According to Google Certified Shops independent review system, at the time of publication, Roofing Superstore were providing a phone support response time of ‘less than 45 seconds’!

6) Save you time

Whether you’ve got a big order to process, or you’re just too busy, our team can create your order for you. No need to look details up – simply tell us the products and quantities you need. We will forward a link to your shopping basket, when you can check the details, make any changes and pay safely and securely.

7) Discover ways to save money

Every day, our teams save customers money. For instance, some products qualify for a lower price per unit the more you buy. Others offer free delivery with a minimum order. It might be that you don’t even need all the products in your basket to complete your project. We can help!

8) Advise on building regulation compliance

If you’re concerned about a project meeting relevant building regs, give our helpline a call. If we can’t answer personally, we can arrange a call back from a technical product expert.

9) Answer your queries

With over 50,000 products listed on our sites, we don’t always know the answers to your questions straight away. When asked what happens to our ‘Hawk Bird Scarer Kit’ bird deterrent if there is no wind for example, we didn’t know, but contacted the supplier and called our customer back. Many customers are genuinely surprised when we call back. To us, that’s just customer service!*

10) Improve your sales and service

For trade customers, there are times when our helpline team can improve business. Sometimes it is easier to see a bigger picture when you aren’t directly involved, so suggestions like replacing guttering or fascias whilst fixing a customer’s roof can be useful reminders for everyone involved.

11) Track your order

When you set up an online account with us, you can log in to view the status of your order. We also provide email updates. However, some product deliveries aren’t trackable this way. If you need an order update, call our helpline.

12) Report issues

Our teams make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied every time you shop with us. However, on occasion, things can go wrong and that’s when we really step up to the challenge. If you experience an issue with our products or service, call our helpline and we will do everything we can to reduce inconvenience to you or your business.


Call our helplines for advice on any of our specialist products today:

Call Roofing Superstore – 01752 692760

Call Drainage Superstore – 01752 692221

Call Insulation Superstore – 01752 692206

*For anyone who wanted to know the answer to our customer’s question about the Hawk Bird Scarer Kit…it only ever needs a very slight breeze to stay afloat, but if there was absolutely no wind, the bird would hang if the pole was fitted at a slight angle, so as not to get the bird tangled in the line.


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