New NBS survey to map digital technologies

NBS logoNBS, the leading provider of technical information, specification and BIM tools, has released a new survey looking into the use of digital technologies across the industry.

Available to complete now, the survey aims to understand the current attitudes and adoption of various technologies as well as predicted use and trends in the future.

“As we develop and lead on our own digital transformation within the industry, we also see the need for different technologies to work together within the same process,” said NBS CEO, Richard Waterhouse.

“In the past few years, we’ve highlighted and progressed a number of partnerships with technology vendors such as Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Vectorworks and developed a number of plug-ins to compliment various NBS tools with other leading technology platforms in order for our customers to be able to access and collaborate across different tools, getting the results they need and not limited by technology.

“With our customers in mind, we want to be able to see what technologies the industry is using day-to-day, understand the attitudes and adoption process when it comes to new technology and perhaps look at what the industry is currently missing.”

The survey looks into how digital technology is changing how you work, business processes, specification writing, using documents and spreadsheets, design tools, models and objects, project extranets and common data environments.

NBS will also be looking for case studies to promote as part of the report.

The survey closes at the end of November. NBS will make the findings available before the end of the year.



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